Strategy workshop at SPORTFIVE

The question at our FFWU strategy workshop last weekend was: how do we grow our impact while making us more sustainable as an organization at the same time? We did’nt …

We are reorganizing our team structure

Volunteers are the heart and soul of every social profit organization. But in order to grow and grow sustainably, organizations like FFWU need to invest in professional structures and full-time …

FFWU goes crowdfunding

Next year we are up for something big: in 2021 we want to work with 24 young women and men from South African townships and help them become Social Football Coaches for their local communities. And to turn this plan into reality, we need your support!

The people that shaped our story: Mario van Niekerk

In 2011 I was working as a volunteer in the YDF project in the Northern part of South Africa. During that time, I was staying in Cape Town for a few days and on my last day before leaving the city I aimed to visit a Football Community Project which was named Great Commission United (GCU) and was supported by the Hostel was staying in.

Welcoming through sports

A coaching course for 17 coaches from 9 countries. This month we worked with 17 coaches from Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany, Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria and Eritrea on how to use football as a tool for social integration and personal development.

Flüchtlingskurs mit dem FLVW in Kaiserau

Nach einer intensiven Woche ist heute die zweite Kurzqualifizierung für geflüchtete Menschen zu Ende gegangen. 15 Teilnehmer aus fünf Ländern – Iran, Irak, dem Kosovo, die meisten jedoch aus Afghanistan …

Ausbildungskurs in Mosambik

Vom 12. – 14.07.18 waren wir wieder in Mosambik unterwegs um Ausbilder für das Programm “Sport für Entwicklung” in Maputo an der pädagogischen Universität zu qualifizieren. Bei der Durchführung der Trainerausbildung …