The people that shaped our story: Interview with Mkululi Gee Gogo

10 years of FFWU – the people that shaped our story: Interview with Mkululi Gee Gogo from Heideveld, Cape Town

Why did you join GCU as a coach?
“When I started playing football to me it was always about making it to bigger clubs in cape town. But when I was growing up, I realized that there are other ways that can take me there. So that is when I joined GCU to be a coach. GCU helped me to obtain my SAFA coaching D-license and that took me a step closer to my dream. But GCU also helped me with other important things in life because they would organize courses for us to help build our knowledge to better our future. GCU has changed my life a lot through sport and I’m grateful for being part of an organization that brings change and provide a better future for the under privileged youth in our communities.”

What do you love about coaching?
“When I started coaching it was all about me making some extra cash for myself, but as I spent time with the kids, I started to develop a bond and the love for them and that was when I started changing my mindset. Because not only did the kids become players that I coach but they became a part of me I treated them as family. I was a bigger brother to them who they can share their personal life stories and secrets, so that made me love coaching more and more because I became a mentor, a brother and a friend to the kids and that gave me a clear reason why I should be a coach and that changed my life as a person.”

What is your connection to FFWU?
“Sascha Bauer would visit GCU every year to come and give coaching clinics to us as coaching staff to improve our coaching skills. But what I really like about him was that he didn’t stop at being a coach to us but he was more of an advisor, a mentor and most of all a friend to us. Personally to me he became a role model someone I look up to, he brought something different to our organization every time when he visited so we knew that when he comes, we were going to learn something new that made us gain more skills and experience.”