The people that shaped our story: Cody Damons

Sascha about Cody: “During our first coaching course at GCU in 2011 one coach was really standing out. It was Cody Damons who at that time was 17 years old. He was very keen to learn and soaking up new knowledge.

His way of communicating with the children was special and he quickly became the leader of all youth coaches during the course and later on of the Youth Department of GCU. During the past years, besides taking part in all FFWU courses we did in Cape Town, he completed the official C and B license from the South African Football Association.

Additionally, he would lead the GCU school sports program at different schools in the community and be the head coach of the senior team by the age of 23. Today he is father of a beautiful child and studying at the university.

Unfortunately, he is not working as a coach any more. But an even better outcome is that he has become a responsible father and inspiring leader who serves as a role model and thrives to become a teacher.”