Welcoming through sports

A coaching course for 17 coaches from 9 countries.

This month we worked with 17 coaches from Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany, Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria and Eritrea on how to use football as a tool for social integration and personal development. The training was a joint project with our partner the Football and Athletics Federation of Westphalia (FLVW). It was part of the “Welcoming through sports” initiative by the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) supported by the German Commissioner for Migration, Integration and Refugees

During the workshop the participants learned how to plan their training in a way that respects the individual and shared characteristics of kids & youth and how to develop not only technical, tactical and physical but also social and personal characteristics using a more hollistic approach.

Questions we also dealt with: How can we be role models? How can we promote respect on and off the pitch? How do we enable the kids to tranfer the skills they learn on the pitch to other areas of my life, like school and friendship?

Thanks to all participants and partners and we are looking forward to work with you in the future!

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