FFWU goes crowdfunding

Do you believe that football is more than just a game? Rather a unique language that is able to speak to people across boarders? And that football has the power to catalyze social change? Then join us and choose to make difference!


Next year we are up for something big: in 2021 we want to work with 24 young women and men from South African townships and help them become Social Football Coaches for their local communities. And to turn this plan into reality, we need your support!

3 week-long coaching clinics on site, a complimentary e-learning program and a newly developed digital coaching manual will provide the coaches with the tools they need to develop the social, mental and emotional skills of their players. In turn, this is will make them, their players and the entire communities more resilient and create new opportunities for them. And for this we need your support!

The project will be run together with 3 local partner organizations on the ground, which provides coaches with a solid, reliable and institutional integration in the local communities. This enables them to assert their positive influence on their peers on a daily basis and in a sustainable and long-lasting way.

A big chunk (10k €) of the required budget has already been secured from the German Schmitz Foundation. All participating organisations will chip in another 3.5k € from their own (small) financial resources. But only with your support can we get the missing 3k € that we need to actually make that program happen next year!

Since 2012, we have been active in leveraging the power of football to catalyze social change. Within this approach, we are specialized in educating coaches from underprivileged communities worldwide. Through cooperations with national and international partners we have already trained more than 400 coaches and 30 instructors. This is just another milestone for us.

Join us on our journey! Choose to make a difference!

Wow, We are overwhelmed by the support and encouragement we have received during that crowdfunding campaign. THANK YOU!