• Immediate Action: If a person is in immediate danger, contact emergency services without delay.
  • Internal Reporting
    • Direct Supervisor or Coach: You can choose to report the incident to your direct supervisor or coach first. They are instructed to handle complaints confidentially and will initiate the appropriate response.
    • Contact our Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSO) – (anonymously if you like)
      • Name: Florian Merker
      • Email:
      • Phone: +49 155 66140182
      • Use the online Form below (anonymously if you like)
    • To the board directly (anonymously if you like):
  • External Reporting: The DSO will determine if the concern should be reported to external authorities such as the local Safeguarding board or police.


  • Investigation: The DSO will lead an internal investigation, maintaining confidentiality and fairness.
  • Support: Provide appropriate support to the victim, including access to counseling and advocacy services.
  • Action: Based on findings, take appropriate actions against the perpetrator, which may include disciplinary measures or termination of employment.