Support for Festa de Futebol in 2014

Here is a summary of a successful and exciting project through 2013!

Donation of One World Futbol special footballs
For the aspiring young players in our training programmes a punctured football can be a real let-down – materials for repairing burst balls are often in short supply, sometime unobtainable. The One World Futbol organisation has developed a football that is virtually indestructible and they donated forty of these unique balls to our project. We were the first organization in Mozambique to benefit from One World Futbol’s generosity and straightaway introduced these balls at our coach training course – the perfect venue for its debut. Even on rough ground and unmade dirt pitches the students can now rely on these long-lived balls to help them keep on playing!

Trained local Mozambique trainers
The coach training course for 33 participants was led by our chairman and head instructor Sascha and volunteer Florian Merker, and it proved a real success – 32 participants achieved all the objectives. The local project team formed in the first half of the year and was trained on how run the Festa de Futebol events.

Hand over of management for Festas de Futebol to local trainers
With the local Mozambican project team in place more responsibility was passed to them, which will encourage further engagement and development from the inside out. Since July, Artur Selasse (Project Coordinator), Artur Comboio (Deputy Project Coordinator), and Jair Wamba (Head Coach) have been responsible for coordinating Festas de Futebol events on-site and they run these together with the fully-trained coaches.

With this passion and energy we plan to continue the Festas through the coming year. For this we need support! We need to raise 3000 € to run the project for the next 12 months, during which we will organize up to 30 Festas involving over 3000 children and participants.

Your donation will help us further promote the Festa de Futebol project by financing the three-member project team and the purchase of more soccer equipment, thus supporting the coaches and children in Mozambique. FFWU is a non-profit organisation and thus entitled to issue donation receipts, which we can provide to donors on request. Donations can be made online through our PayPal facility from our website page.

We like to credit our donors publicly on our Facebook page and main FFWU website but if you would prefer to give anonymously, we respect this too – please let us know with a message through PayPal.

You can learn more about FFWU and our projects on our website and on Facebook.

Do you believe in the power of football? – then please support us and our projects.
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Festa de Futebol