Sascha Bauer hosting trainer workshop for refugees in Germany

In January 2017 our head coach Sascha has moved his living quarters from Brazil to Germany again.
Here in Germany his skills can easily be transferred and applied as the integration of migrants has become a daily fact of life and requires experienced, sensitive handling.
‘Football is ideally suited for integrating migrants. The ‘Treino Sozial’ (Social Training) method developed for GIZ and DFB can be equally applied across clubs in Germany, where coaches with a foreign background will have to be integrated’ says Sascha. Additionally to techniques, tactics and physical exercises, social and personal competencies were addressed. This of course has not only an effect on the pitch but will enrich other personal relations.

The five day course has been sponsored and organized by Football and Athletics Organisation Westfalen FLVW, who pre-selected the participants.
‘It was a very moving and satisfying experience and we definitely want to offer another course again next year’, Sascha reflects and plans for the future: ‘All participants were extraordinarily attentive and keen to learn and I was positively surprised by their level of German. Many shared their experiences and spoke about difficulties in striking up lasting friendships with Germans. This is definitely another reason to continue with this concept and to offer more of our courses.’