Review of Festa de Futebol 2014

The project has been successfully continued by local project co-ordinators Artur Silasse and Jair Samba, who with the support of over twenty trainers organised and ran twelve Festas, which reached more then 1000 children.

The events consistently have pedagogical and sports parts combined, and are structured in the same way. First the pitch is cleaned of rubbish together and then the children are guided through a special training circle. Tactical and physical exercises are integrated with awareness-raising about social themes such as health education and gender equality. Final highlight is the four versus four tournament.

Unfortunately only 8% of participants so far have been females and this will be addressed in the themes of the coming Festas. We also aim to increase the number of events in the future year and will try to win more partner organisations to widen the influence and potential of the project.


We are looking forward to a new year full of challenges and invite you to check out our progress in 2015! Choose to make a difference!