News 28.12.2011 | Hulene, Maputo, Mozambique


Football with Streetkids
At the 23rd of November 2011 our new FFWU member and project leader of „Futebol da forca“, Cecilia Andren Nystrom spent an afternoon together with our 1st Chairman Sascha at an institution for street kids. Hulene is one of the so called „Bairros“ of Maputo, comparable with other poor areas in big cities like the „Townships“ of Johannesburg or Cape Town, or the „Favelas“ of Rio de Janeiro.

The excitement was impressive when our team arrived, as the last ball the kids have seen got lost a couple of months ago. Most of the kids grow up without parents, and for this afternoon they had the chance to forget all their problems and to experience some moments of joy. Some impressions of the day: