Football pitch scouting and coach sourcing


UnknownAfter visiting various pitches in and around Maputo and meeting with local coaches the following places were found ideal to expand the Festa de Futebols to: Habitação, Polana and Canissa Massaca. These locations were chosen because of already existing structures in training methods and a large number of interested trainers. Throughout the next weeks we will meet with all potential coaches to get to know them and their motivation better. We are positive quite a few new trainers can be expected to participate in next weeks coach training!

In Massaca in Boane the Escolinha de Tico Tico, a local football school run by Mozambique’s record goalie Manuel „Tico Tico“ Bucuane, has integrated the Festa and for the first time a rural region will be reached. We are delighted about the new partnership and to be working with Tico Tico and his coaches!