FFWU volunteer Julia supports GCU

Julia 4It’s already been 4 weeks since volunteer Julia started supporting the GCU Academy in Heideveld near Cape Town and for her there are 5 more weeks to go! Time for her first status report:

“I have now been working for GCU  for one month as a volunteer. GCU’s goal is to keep the children off the streets and give them a place to go where they know they are welcomed! The whole program is growing very fast and it has been spreading across the world. In the morning I usually help out with the PE Lessons and in the afternoon I either help with the sports programm or the tutoring. It is great to be a part of such a big team, which tries to make the world just that much better by putting everything in that they can. But what impresses me most are the students themselves.  They have so little, yet they are the happiest children I have ever seen. I am so thankful to be able to experience all this and i only wish the best for all those kids and their tutors and coaches for the future!”

Its seems like Julia is doing great and she and the kids at the academy are really profiting from her presence!

Great job, Julia! Keep on making a difference! 🙂