Kick & Code



In Africa the profession of a computer programmer is still under-represented because resources and educational facilities are very limited. As computerization is taking place everywhere, this field of work holds great possibilities for the African children and youth population to find employment, and with it countless possibilities for their educational development in the future.


The German-founded global software company SAP acknowledged this potential and initiated a campaign called ‘Africa Code Week’ with the aim to reach more then 20,000 youths across seventeen African countries. During the course of a week kids are given guided access and initial introduction to computer coding and programming through workshops.

The unique approach of the ‘Kick & Code Camp’ is the combination of coding-workshops with twice daily football training units and a fun celebration on the final workshop day, the ‘Festa de Futebol’.


The co-operation between SAP, the German School of Pretoria and Football school of German club Eintracht Frankfurt connects two important factors many children across the planet like: football and computers.

Logistically the camp is run by Eintracht Frankfurt Football School. As an additional educational level Sascha Bauer as a representative of FFWU links the children’s training camp with a training of youth coaches in cooperation with the South African Football Association SAFA, whereby the overall concept is extended by an added sustainable component. Youth coaches will also receive training to promote life and soft skills in children in line with the overall aim of FFWU projects. The training includes doing all aspects of modern football; techniques, tactics and athletic aspects but also personal development and the training of social skills.


During the first Kick & Code Camp in Pretoria over 300 children aged 8-15 engaged and enjoyed workshops cumulating on the final day with the Festa de Futebol. During the camp 23 trainer participants completed the additionally offered training course and gained their SAFA-D-License.

The development is extremely positive and all project partners will continue the co-operation. It has already been decided to expand to Cape Town, where the next Kick & Code Camp will be held this autumn 2016 to give youths in communities in the Cape Flats a chance to attend.