Without shoes, with passion

News 23.06.2013 - 6Whether played with can or ball, in field or street, with or without shoes – the enthusiasm for football in Africa is huge. We share this passion and live it.

We promote using football specific training for children in Africa to assist in their personal development. Football being a team sport teaches elementary values such as respect, team spirit, discipline, responsibility and joy in addition to physical strengthening. The children learn how to win and lose, establish rules and accept them and how to prevail. They train social skills which can be applied in their academic, professional and private life. Our football training opportunities additionally provides kids and coaches with information on health, HIV, AIDS and sexual education.

Especially in the poor countries of Africa it is essential to strengthen the development of each individual and thus the continent.


130520_imageklein_2 (640x360)Our projects are entirely socially-orientated and non-profit making. All revenues generated are used solely to maintain and expand the football projects. To ensure transparency to our members and donors balance sheets are published regularly. The current balance sheet you can find here.