Festa de Futebol


FESTA de FUTEBOLAfter years of civil war the Mozambican sports system exists only in rudimentary form. Trained coaches and challenging football training are rarely found. The possibilities of sport to support children and young people in both physical and personal development through high-quality training materials are scarce.


  • Training of young trainers to become football and life skill coaches
  • Integration and Empowerment of local trainers
  • Knowledge transfer and exchange of experiences between local and our trainers
  • Promotion of suitable personalities as role models
  • Improving athletic skills of participants
  • Integrated and playful teaching life skills
  • Information about equality, hygiene, HIV, AIDS and more


As first step, young Mozambican trainers receive special training, during which they learn how to conduct organized football training with life skills embedded in the course material. These trained trainers then organize the Festa de Futebol events independently at their home pitches.


A Festa de Futebol event consists of special soccer exercises combined with life skills information and education services – the highlight at the end is a four-a-side tournament. About 96 children per event go through a six-step training course under the guidance of a coach. The oldest child in each group supports the coach and acts for the whole day as a group spokesman. I
n this way, leadership qualities, responsibility and self-awareness are promoted at a young age. The six specially-designed training stations target the sports and social skills of children and adolescents. After this one-hour circuit training, youths are split into age groups to be given age-appropriate information in cooperation with local partner organizations on topics such as hygiene, HIV, AIDS and gender equality. The sports part at the end of the day is a four-a-side tournament with main aim to provide as many ball contacts and moments of success and joy for the kids.

Everyone receives a certificate of participation. Individual Festas usually have a theme throughout the day where issues such as violence prevention are addressed during all exercises and program points. The events are offered alternately for a younger and older age groups to be able to convey appropriate footballing and informative components.


After our successfull pilot project in Albasine, 13 football festivals at 3 places have already been successfully organized with more than 2,000 boys and girls participating. Therefore 32 coaches have been educated by our chef coach Sascha Bauer and a new Mozambican project team was installed to coordinate the festas and ensure the development and growing of the project.